Sacred Sandalwood Mala - Payvand
Sacred Sandalwood Mala - Payvand
Sacred Sandalwood Mala - Payvand

Sacred Sandalwood Mala

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Payvand (Harmony) beads and crystals are ethically sourced and selected with love. They are a tool to help you take control of your own life, set goals and to make positive choices. 

Sandalwood is considered very sacred wood. Prayers using sandalwood beads are said to improve over all well being. The wood beads are a beautifully fragrant which soothes and attracts positivity. Sandlewood needs to be nurtured with attention and handled often to keep its oils and fragrance. This is a good reminder to keep up your meditation practice.

These beautiful beads are used to set intentions, meditate, or simply wear for beauty and positive energy! They encourage us to pause and breathe while motivating us to invest in moments of self-care and compassion.

For thousands of years, Malas have been used as a meditation tool. You can use the beads to count your mantra or to simply count your breath while meditating. If you practice yoga, you can place the necklace at the head of your mat to instill your intention into your practice, allowing the Mala to absorb the energy and focus on your movement.

All Malas are hand knotted in our Perth based studio and are saged to cleanse and charged with energy before they are shipped to their new home.